Originally created 02/28/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

I WAS SHOCKED to read about the salary the Board of Education is paying Dr. Charles Larke. No wonder our school taxes are so high. We are giving Dr. Larke all of our money and not the school system. I have heard children do not have enough books, supplies, and other equipment needed to learn. What is wrong with our board members? You need to pay your teachers more money. Richmond County board members, you all need a reality check.

I JUST CAN'T believe that Charles Larke says he doesn't have time to take a vacation. Even our presidents take vacation. I bet he takes time off during the school year so it does not count on his vacation time and it does not come out of his pocket. But all his employees have to take their time off or lose it.

WHEN IS AUGUSTA going to crawl out of the dark ages? Why does everything have to be about race? Charles Walker is a joke, and so is the Augusta-Richmond County board of commissioners. I am so glad I moved to Columbia County. I just hope that Augusta elects some people that are interested in making Augusta a better place and not their own wallets or egos.

O GREAT POLITICAL MYSTIC, what is the answer to the question in this sealed envelope? Political Mystic puts envelope to his forehead, answer is ... Ralph Nader. Mystic tears open envelope. Question is ... Why is everyone at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. hee-hawing and high-fiving? The Political Mystic will be back!

ANOTHER NONSMOKING restaurant in Augusta is Giuseppe's on Wheeler Road. It certainly is pleasant to sit down and enjoy a meal without other diners blowing smoke into the air. I never have understood how smokers can be so arrogant and rude to think that their smoke doesn't bother others.

MY RANT IS for the PETA-sponsored billboard on I-520 showing a chicken with an assault rifle and a threatening message for readers. I accept the chicken's challenge. I come armed with only a knife and fork and will be willing to meet him at any local KFC.


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