Originally created 02/28/04

Author misguided in criminal quest

This rebuts the Feb. 14 letter by Barbara Thurmond, "Georgia gun report card gets low marks."

I must applaud Ms. Thurmond for taking an active role in addressing what she describes as an "epidemic of black-on-black crime," but I feel she is misguided in her quest to find a reason.

In her search for an answer, she and her organization have turned to the Brady Campaign and their well-known rhetoric. The organization has led her to blame inanimate objects to avoid the issue of personal responsibility. I take exception to the false logic, manipulation of data and outright lies propagated by this organization.

The Brady Campaign has failed to deny Americans their constitutional rights through federal channels and through the judiciary, and now it is turning to the state legislature as its last resort. This is evidenced by Rep. Barbara J. Mobley's, D-Ga., anti-gun recitation known as H.B. 1380, and it's pandering to other groups looking for the answer to life's problems.

It would be refreshing if once in awhile these political "mouth pieces" would pursue the truth instead of reading from the same old script.

Russell Abbott, Augusta


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