Originally created 02/28/04

Exploring space worth reaching for

I feel the need to address those who are against President George W. Bush's proposal for a permanent base on the moon and, farther down the road, exploration of Mars.

I personally know several of these people and, while it's not indicative of their moral character, they are people who have been taught to exist, not to live. There is a world of difference.

I know, I know; the starving children here on Earth, welfare, pollution, etc. But haven't you ever wanted to stretch yourself, to see what you're capable of? I think most of us have the capacity and desire to help others. I will not list my good deeds here, for I don't do them for anyone's approval. But I also know we were created with a burning desire to explore, to seek out that which we do not know.

Call your congressmen, write to them, NASA, whoever - offer them your support and encourage them to pursue these lofty goals set forth by the president. After all, those goals that seem impossible are often the only ones worth reaching for.

Scott Finley, Augusta


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