Originally created 01/23/04

Augusta needs black Democrats

There are many memorial statues on the streets of downtown Augusta and, even though I have not made a survey, I'm sure most of them honor white males. However, it is refreshing to learn that there are plans to erect memorial statues of James Brown and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is long overdue, especially since Augusta's population is majority African-American and many are deserving of such an honor. When I read the announcement in the Jan. 20 edition of The Augusta Chronicle that plans are in the works to erect the Martin Luther King Jr. statue, I was very pleased until I read the comment by Mayor Bob Young.

Mr. Young said, "I think it's a noble project, and I wish them well." Who is he referring to when he says "them"? Does he still look through the eyes of most white people who see black people as "them" and everyone else as "us"?

Mr. Young had an excellent opportunity to commit the full support of his office and the resources of the city of Augusta to this project, but he failed to take the high road - just as he has failed so many times in the past.

What Augusta's government needs more than anything is to elect a black Democrat as mayor and replace all the Republican commissioners with Democrats. Until we do, there will be no progress and Augusta will continue to live in the days of Jim Crow.

Anne Cook, Augusta


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