Originally created 01/17/04

Rants and raves

Because we receive a number of comments and questions about The Augusta Chronicle, we use Saturday's Rants & Raves column to set the record straight.

WHAT I WOULD LIKE to say is not a rant or rave. I would just like to suggest that they put in the obituary column the funeral notices or directors in alphabetical order or something so it's easier to find the ones we're interested in.

Classified Advertising Director Jeffery L. Anderson replies: "In an effort to accommodate the needs of families, we have extended our deadlines to a point that prohibits us from running the obituaries in alphabetical order.

"The obituaries are placed on the page as they are received to decrease production time and allow us to get the newspapers out on time. The obituary list on the front page does put the names in alphabetical order. We are always looking for ways to improve and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for your comments."

THIS IS A RAVE for The Augusta Chronicle. Thanks for the list of banks with their mortgage rates in the home section; although ask them to include their APR in the future.

Major Advertising Accounts Manager Dave Commons replies: "We're pleased you find the mortgage rates listings helpful. This advertisement appears each week in Sunday's Today's Home section. It is sent to us ready to print from a company that compiles the information for The Chronicle and other newspapers nationwide.

"We agree it would be helpful to provide annual percentage rates. We have recently switched to a new provider for this service, and the company has agreed to include APR figures. The new advertisement should begin by mid-February."

A RAVE TO The Augusta Chronicle for the daily "Back in Time" features. A rant for not letting the readers know the final outcome of the stories. Would be interesting.

Managing Editor Elizabeth Adams replies: "That's a good point. We try not to leave readers hanging when we reprint these snippets of stories that were published in the Chronicle years ago. But sometimes the resolution of a story didn't appear in the next day's newspaper, or even later in the week. It appears what was in the headlines one day wasn't always news the next, or in the days that followed. Back in Time is meant to give readers a quick glimpse into the news and events of our past. When we come across an interesting item, we still like to share it with readers, even when the outcome isn't readily available."

TO THE PERSON who wrote in Wednesday's paper whether I would consider my friend an idiot if he had gone to Yale and Harvard and learned how to fly a jet and was two-term governor of Texas: If his name were George W. Bush, yeah, I would consider him an idiot.


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