Originally created 01/17/04

Resume tips for the new year

It's a new year, and you're determined to land a new job. Make sure your resume is ready to succeed in an electronic world.

With many (most?) positions now advertised and responded to online, the Vermont-based resume agency ResumeDoctor.com reminds job hunters to check resumes for formatting and other issues that could cause hitches electronically. While it may look stellar when printed, remember that most electronic resumes never are - they cycle from one person to another in an organization, through the digital ether. So avoid the fancy fonts and vogue formatting - they want the data.

Don't forget to put your e-mail address prominently on the resume. No matter how pleasant your voice, a recruiter is more apt to drop you a note than to ring.

Send it as a Microsoft Word document. Love or hate the software behemoth, Word is the de facto standard in business document communication, ResumeDoctor.com said. If your resume is sent as a compressed Zip file or PDF, some potential employers may be unable to open it, and your spiffy new job disappears.


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