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Nuwaubian members defend leader in trial

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -Longtime members of Malachi York's quasi-religious cult defended their leader in court Thursday, describing Mr. York as a father figure and those who accuse him of child molestation as liars.

"I severely, wholeheartedly feel this is a conspiracy" among Mr. York's accusers, said Evelyn Rivera, a member of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors since 1977. "They're all liars. I knew them as children. They all lie."

Ms. Rivera was one of nine Nuwaubian members to testify on the opening day of Mr. York's defense in U.S. District Court, where he is being tried on 13 counts of child molestation and racketeering.

Crematory operator can get public funds

LaFAYETTE, Ga. -Former Tri-State Crematory operator Brent Marsh is eligible to request public money to pay for experts in his case, a judge ruled Thursday.

Mr. Marsh faces 787 felony charges after investigators found hundreds of uncremated bodies on his property in 2002.

Since Mr. Marsh's wife was granted a legal separation from their marriage, Mr. Marsh hasn't had any source of income, ruled Judge James G. Bodiford.

The court decision doesn't mean the court will award expert fees to Mr. Marsh.

Sanford raises cash for his re-election

COLUMBIA -Gov. Mark Sanford continues to raise campaign cash, even though his re-election is more than two years away.

The Republican, who was elected to office in 2002, raised nearly $400,000 during the three-month period that ended Jan. 10.

Mr. Sanford has a total of $1.1 million cash on hand.

Mr. Sanford also has a campaign office in the SouthTrust building across from the Statehouse in Columbia.

Thieves sail away with $750,000 yacht

CHARLESTON, S.C. -A $750,000, 57-foot yacht featured in sailing magazines was stolen from Charleston's City Marina last week, and authorities speculate it could by now be in the Caribbean.

"I've never even heard of an 18-foot boat being stolen around here, and you certainly don't get too many $750,000 boats being stolen," said FBI Special Agent Robert Derr.

"Incredulous has been my overwhelming reaction so far," said Glen McIntosh, the Atlanta physician who owns the Beneteau 57, which weighs more than 47,000 pounds and has a 75-foot mast.


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