Originally created 01/15/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

A BIG RAVE to Mrs. Parks and her concerns about no hot water in public schools. Hot water is a necessity, not a luxury, in good hand-washing. Being absent due to illness affects a child's education as much as budget cuts, and this is something that may be prevented. Good hand-washing techniques should be taught in schools.

A RANT FOR the mother of five children that left them home alone to go and get a tattoo. She is only 21 with five children, probably living off welfare and food stamps, but having enough money to pay $35 for a tattoo. People that cannot afford children should not be allowed to have five children. This is a failure of the system and abuse of the system. Remember, your tax dollars are paying for these people.

TO THE PERSON ranting about customers buying pet food, yet there are hungry people in Augusta: How much money do you donate to feed the hungry? How much time do you donate at the food bank? Perhaps all those pet owners you are complaining about also work to help hungry people.

I NEVER DREAMED I would have hope, hope for our hopeless county commissioners. The mere presence of Southern ladies changes everything. Language cleans up instantly and all by itself. Men who used to slouch suddenly sit up a little straighter in their chairs. Men who like to argue don't, and guys who like to just stand around and chew the fat quickly and quietly get busy on something useful.

I WANT SONNY PERDUE to know that we aren't stupid and we know that he knew which flag we wanted in the last election. If you don't keep your word, we will say in the next election, we got him. This means you, Sonny Perdue - defeated.

I HAVE A RANT for Comcast. I work at night and I'm up a lot of times when I get off from work, and I watch the Game Show Network and now they tell me when I call that you can't get it anymore. They've gone up on the bill, and there's no explanation.

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