Originally created 01/15/04

Destruction of plant along river poses questions

Regarding your Jan. 10 editorial, "Over the line":

What Tony Carr, who recently had himself certified as 25-percent Chickasaw Indian, has done is no different from what Ben Watson and his neighbors did about the sewer line that was to run along the natural line of the river. They called in the environmentalists to stop that project because of a so-called endangered Trillium plant, which is found all along the river.

They, too, were grasping at straws, and found one that cost the city of North Augusta a lot more to build a pumping station instead.

Since The Chronicle mentioned the golf course, I did not hear one single protest about the Trillium plant when the golf course was built. Surely, there had to be some along that stretch of river less than two miles from the proposed sewer project.

To me, that poses more questions than anything Tony Carr has done.

Cherry Young, North Augusta, S.C.


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