Originally created 01/13/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS IN response to the Michael Jackson rant saying that he might just be innocent and those might be false allegations. Well, Michael Jackson made some false allegations against the Santa Barbara police. Nobody mentioned that.

THE PERFECT WOMAN for Pete Rose must be Britney Spears. Here are two people who put their foot in something and claim after that they weren't quite sure what they put their foot into.

THIS IS A RANT about former Gov. Barnes and President Bush for their stance on illegal immigrants. Barnes wanted to give them driver's licenses; now Bush wants to give them legal status. Does Bush want the Hispanic vote so bad that he will take jobs away from legal Americans? Anyone not legal in the United States should first be punished, then deported.

THIS IS A RANT concerning a recent memorial service for an old friend, which I attended. I thought a memorial service was to comfort the bereaved family and friends as well and to give tribute to the deceased. I was appalled at the things said and certainly not comforted. To quote another friend, "She was trashed." I realize the speaker was still working out his own differences with the deceased, but the message got lost in the personal comments, which were neither positive nor uplifting, and that was sad because it was a good one.

THE POLICE NEED to crack down on some of the most dangerous criminals of all - the people with a cell phone in one hand and a loaded SUV in the other.

AT THE NEW animal shelter, they say they are hoping to get more animals out the door. I'm hoping to get more out of my yard, running loose with no collar, abandoned by their adoptees.

EVERY TIME I go to the grocery store, I see people with lots of dog and cat food. Yet they tell us there are hungry people here in Augusta. Which is more important, dogs or humans?

I HAVE THE following rave: Thank you very much, Martha Burk. Please come back to Augusta again this year. I love commercial-free TV. In response to the man who thinks you cost the taxpayers almost $46,000, you didn't cause that. Hootie Johnson, the Richmond County Sheriff's Office and others like yourself caused that money to be spent.


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