Originally created 01/12/04

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

I HAVE A RAVE for disc jockey John Kelly at WSLT. I think he's the best thing since folded paper napkins. He's sweet on the radio. You call him up, he'll talk to you. He doesn't just put you on hold.

I JUST WANTED to give a rant about how here in America we can put up with people like Comcast going up on their rates as they do each year, it seems like. Now they've gone up again in 2004 and taken off programs that are decent enough that you can look at without hearing four-letter words and seeing sex in bed. You have to pay for a digital box. I think it's a crying shame, and I think people should rant and rave about it until they change their ways.

I'VE HAD MY FAITH in the goodness of mankind restored somewhat this past week when a good-hearted soul turned my purse in at the Evans Wal-Mart. I don't know who you are, but I certainly thank you very, very much.

PLEASE, LET'S STOP bashing our president and show support for him and our troops. Where is American patriotism? Mr. Bush never claimed that he himself captured Saddam Hussein. His loyal troops did, our boys and women.

THIS IS A RAVE for a very nice lady who stopped to help me when my car broke down at U.S. Highway 25 and Windsor Spring Road. She phoned for help, stayed with me and then drove me to my home. Thank you, Regina.

MY RANT IS about people walking their dogs on Fourth and Telfair streets. I work there, and the dog poop is always in front of the building and on the side. On a rainy day, when you're trying to get out of your car and run in real fast, you always step in the dog poop. So someone please tell the dog walkers about the Pooper Scooper and to please use it.

IF WIDESPREAD FLOUTING of immigration laws is justified because they are "bad laws," does widespread running red lights mean that stop lights are bad?


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