Originally created 12/16/03

The Lord of the Rings' trilogy by the numbers

Facts and figures from "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy:

7: Total years of development for all three movies.

1,600: Pairs of prosthetic Hobbit feet created.

114: Total speaking roles.

20,602: Background actors cast.

48,000: Swords, axes, shields and other weaponry used.

15,000: Costumes made by wardrobe department.

42: Tailors, cobblers, designers and others in wardrobe department.

3 million: Feet of film shot during production.

100: Real locations in New Zealand used for backdrops.

250: Most horses used in one scene.

2,400: Behind-the-scenes crew members at height of production.

10,000: Crowd participants at New Zealand cricket game who made orc army grunts.

200: Handmade orc masks created.

180: Computer special-effects artists employed.

30: Actors trained to speak fictional dialects and languages.

40: Languages J.R.R. Tolkien's books have been translated into.


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