Originally created 12/16/03

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

IN REGARD TO the airport and the airlines: Why not run a survey with a telephone number to call asking how many people would use the airport if the price was right?

GIVE MIKE KELLY a real pat on the back. He is the head pro at Goshen Plantation, and during the period of time when Forest Hills Golf Course was closed, a large number of senior citizens went out there on a temporary basis some six or eight months. Mike and his members, everyone of his group - from the lady in the bar to the men on the golf course cutting the grass - were just as nice to us as they could possibly be. I feel like he has one of the best-organized and best-run golf courses in this area. So I would just like to pat him on the back and thank him for being so nice to us.

I WATCH CBS News most evenings, and I have trained myself to block out the normal liberal bias from Dan Rather. However, when he aired what the deceased President Nixon said about President Regan and other subjects the other night, I think the time has come to take Dan Rather off the air again.

THIS IS A RANT for the president of the NAACP Aiken Chapter. What about the women in construction at SRS, black and white? We're tired of constantly being denied promotions. We're tired of being intimidated. We're tired of the sexual remarks and harassment. What about us?

THIS IS A RAVE for the people at Bailey's Christmas Tree Farm on Windsor Spring Road. Those people were so nice and tried to really ensure that I found a tree that I liked. After I found one and was disappointed in it, they helped me get another.

THIS IS A RAVE for the repair crew on the Gordon Highway Savannah River Bridge for flying the American flag. We salute and respect you from the proud wife of a retired combat soldier. Thank you.

I JUST SAW on the Fox television channel that the word gay was considered a four-letter word. How can that be a four-letter word when there's only three letters in it? Now that didn't come off The Chronicle, it came off of Fox News.


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