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Sharen Hausmann, the director of Smart Start Georgia, says that learning shouldn't come to a halt just because school is getting ready to let out for the holidays.

Here are some educational suggestions from the nonprofit organization:

  • Studies show that reading with children in a warm environment is more stimulating. This is a good time to cuddle together by the fireside or on the couch to read a seasonal classic. For infants and toddlers, describe the pictures.
  • Save ribbons and bows and put them in a large basket or box for your children to explore. Talk with your children about the colors, textures, and lengths of the ribbons.
  • Make bread or cookie dough; roll it out and let children make alphabet letters out of the dough. Help them spell out simple words or think of words that start with each letter. For younger children, the feel and smell of the dough can be an interesting experience.

    Film documents spelling bee

    Spell it i-r-r-e-s-i-s-t-a-b-l-e. Wait, that's not right. But however you spell "irresistible," that word perfectly describes Spellbound, a documentary about the National Spelling Bee.

    Airing at 8 Tuesday on Cinemax, the film profiles eight appealing, motivated young Americans from diverse backgrounds who face a grueling contest with 241 other teens at the finals in Washington, D.C., after outlasting more than 9 million other competitors in hundreds of regional spelling bees across the country.

    -From Wire Reports


    TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: Actress Joyce Bulifant (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) is 66. Actress Liv Ullman is 64. Journalist Lesley Stahl is 62. Writer-producer Steven Bochco is 60. Singer Benny Anderson of Abba is 57. Actor Ben Cross is 56. Singer-guitarist Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top is 54. Actress Alison LaPlaca (The John Larroquette Show) is 44. Actor Jon Tenney (Brooklyn South) is 42. Actor Benjamin Bratt is 40. Country singer Jeff Carson is 40. Singer Michael McCary of Boyz II Men is 32.

    YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: You could make more money this year without doing more physical labor. You'll get a chance to be the manager, but that's not as easy as it sounds. The trick is to be reliable, responsible and punctual. These may be the three things you fear the most.


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