Originally created 12/15/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

SOME REAL HEROES were in Sunday's Chronicle (Dec.7) on Pages 10A & 11A.

A RANT TO those school board members who don't think we should give breakfast to our children. How could you deny any child? What some kids get at school may be all they get all day.

THIS IS FOR the complete moron who wrote in saying that there "is a need for pornography" in this city. How is pornography classified as a need? I guess in your feeble mind it might be a need for sin, huh? You are right about one thing. The commissioners do have more important things to worry about - you! Someone should place you under surveillance.

THOSE GAS SCOOTERS that kids are riding around the neighborhoods now are five times louder than any chain saw. Can't we have some ordinance put in force to make manufacturers put mufflers on these things?

WHY IS IT that all the football nuts have to have a national college football champion? Why not be satisfied with each conference having its own champion and let it go at that? What is to be proved? Isn't it bad enough what with all the playoffs in basketball, baseball and pro football?

THIS IS A RAVE for the Southeastern Paralyzed Veterans Association and all the motorcyclists who participated in the Toys For Tots Run on (Dec. 7). I think this is wonderful thing that you all do. Seeing all the bikes, some with toys riding on the bikes, was a great sight. This shows you that people still have the spirit of Christmas in them.

WHY DON'T THE people in Edgefield County name that school mascot the Strom Thurmond Senators after the man who did so much for his community?

I WOULD LIKE to give a great rave to the lady who returned my purse at Bed, Bath and Beyond on Thursday. There are still wonderful and honest people in this world.


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