Originally created 12/15/03

Mideast letter full of lies, disinformation

Harry Sellers' Nov. 25 letter, "Priorities backward on Mideast," is full of canards, lies and disinformation. (Nazi propagandist) Joseph Goebbels blamed Jews for Germany's troubles. The Nazis burned books; later they burned people. Today, Mr. Sellers suggests that Israel - and by inference, the Jews - are responsible for terrorist activities around the world. His solution is Nazi-like in its simplicity. Let me rebut some of his outlandish statements.

I served in the Israeli army for 16 years and, until the early 1970s, our forces used mainly French and Belgian equipment. I first saw an M-16 assault rifle in October 1973.

The Arabs rejected the 1947 U.N. partition plan, vowing to drive the Jews into the sea. Jordan annexed the West Bank, and Egypt occupied Gaza. For 19 years, no one clamored for a Palestinian state. The late King Hussein, influenced by Arab propaganda, went to war. I was there when the Jordanian guns fired on Jerusalem on that fateful June morning in 1967.

Mr. Sellers condones Palestinian suicide bombings of innocent Israeli civilians. Does he condone Imad Mugniyeh's suicide truck-bomb attack in Beirut that killed 242 U.S. Marines? Mr. Mugniyeh served in Arafat's Force 17. He is at the top of the United States' most wanted list, and is an Osama bin Laden accomplice.

President George W. Bush offered Turkey $10 billion as a quid pro quo to use southern Turkey as a staging area for the invasion of Iraq. The administration is offering Israel $10 billion in loan guarantees; the loans are repaid with interest, and Israel has never defaulted.

World leaders castigated Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad for intimating that Jews rule the world by proxy. He also accused the United States and Britain of using the attacks on New York and Washington on 9-11 as an excuse to wage war on Muslim countries.

We must negate Mr. Sellers' verbal terrorism, and oppose terrorists wherever they are found.

Charles Ronen, Evans, Ga.


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