Originally created 12/15/03

The story of Charlie Dean's remains

Charlie Dean's remains were brought home from Southeast Asia Thanksgiving week. The arrival in Hawaii was attended by Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean, Charlie's brother.

While a sad time, the saddest part is that Charlie Dean's remains came home under an American flag with military honors. American veterans were rightly outraged by this display. Mr. Dean was a Vietnam war protester and not a soldier, sailor or airman.

Charlie. Dean was a graduate of the University of North Carolina in the early 1970s. There his mind was poisoned by the liberal professors who have taken over our nation's colleges and universities. After getting his diploma, he and a friend took off for Southeast Asia.

Mr. Dean and his pal blundered into guerrillas who murdered them. Fast forward 30 years and we find nervous Democrats and the Howard Dean camp trying to put down the red herring that Charlie Dean may have been working for the CIA, but the CIA has no record of Charlie ever serving his country.

This latest of big lies concocted by those who once shamed our country is not going to work, no matter how they spin it.

What is deplorable is the American military agency, charged with finding remains of the missing and bringing them home, got orders to put Mr. Dean's remains ahead of the others in a process that usually takes years.

A little bit of history considering Charlie Dean's unhappy ending: In the 1920s, the American communists who supported mass murderer Josef Stalin's rise to power got on boats and went to Russia to help Uncle Joe rebuild their vision of Utopia. The paranoid Stalin became suspicious of his American liberal friends who turned out to be busybodies.

So he had them rounded up, jailed on trumped-up charges and executed. The numbers of the doomed went into the hundreds and thousands. Charlie Dean should have been a better student of history.

Carl Langley, Aiken, S.C.


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