Originally created 12/14/03

NFL power rankings

Every week during the NFL season, The Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock will break down the rankings of all 32 NFL teams and why they're ranked where they are.

Current rank/Team/Previous rank

1. New England Patriots/1

No touchdowns given up in past four home games

2. Philadelphia Eagles/3

Remember when they started 0-2?

3. St. Louis Rams/4

Marc Bulger needs to be more consistent

4. Kansas City Chiefs/2

Defense looked like last year's last week

5. Indianapolis Colts/6

Still in the running for first-round bye

6. Baltimore Ravens/12

Nobody wants to play them right now

7. Tennessee Titans/5

Steve McNair is banged up again

8. Denver Broncos/13

Clinton Portis showed Priest Holmes who was the better back

9. Dallas Cowboys/8

Must-win today against Washington

10. Minnesota Vikings/14

They're breathing again

11. Carolina Panthers/9

Golden opportunity to stop three-game slide against Arizona

12. Seattle Seahawks/10

Defense could get shredded again today at St. Louis

13. Miami Dolphins/7

Did their December slide begin last week

14. Cincinnati Bengals/11

Chad Johnson isn't talking much after last week

15. Green Bay Packers/17

Still fighting for playoff spot

16. San Francisco 49ers/18

Jeff Garcia redeemed himself for previous week

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers/19

Not out of the playoffs yet

18. New Orleans Saints/15

They also usually swoon in December

19. Buffalo Bills/21

Too little, too late

20. N.Y. Jets/16

Looked horrible against Buffalo

21. Pittsburgh Steelers/22

One last big game for Jerome Bettis

22. Chicago Bears/20

Started strong, faded fast at Green Bay

23. Washington Redskins/25

Would love to deal Dallas' playoff hopes a blow

24. N.Y. Giants/23

Jim Fassel's goodbye tour hitting Skid Row

25. Jacksonville Jaguars/28

If they score on New England it'll be an accomplishment

26. Houston Texans/24

Defense takes another blow with Aaron Glenn out

27. Cleveland Browns/26

Back to Tim Couch. For now.

28. Atlanta Falcons/31

Michael Vick is simply amazing

29. Detroit Lions/27

Can tie all-time road losing streak

30. Oakland Raiders/29

Goodbye, Bill Callahan

31. San Diego Chargers/32

Drew Brees returns to the starting lineup

32. Arizona Cardinals/30

Might be worse on the road then Detroit


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