Originally created 12/14/03

Don't forget soldiers' families this holiday

It has been a little over six months since the 878th Engineer Battalion landed in Iraq. They have been working daily to get many missions completed until they return home. No one knows their return date, and families and spouses still get by day to day hoping for a speedy, safe return.

As a wife of one of these soldiers, I know how hard this past Thanksgiving was without him. I am beginning to realize that this Christmas will be even harder.

As a friend, neighbor or co-worker of a family member of a deployed soldier, please try to include that family in your holiday cheer. Make sure they have what they need, aren't alone and are coping with the upcoming holidays. Don't forget them in the rush of the season. Make sure they realize that you appreciate everything their soldier is doing.

This is the one thing that has helped me through this deployment. I pray daily for these engineers to accomplish their mission and come home safely to our awaiting arms.

Stephaney Crenshaw, Harlem, Ga.


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