Originally created 12/14/03

Some suggestions for HOPE Scholarship

The Georgia HOPE Scholarship program is in dire financial straits. Here are a few ideas to make the program solvent once again:

It must be clearly understood that not all HOPE recipients will immediately enter the University of Georgia, nor any other major university. Acceptance will be based on hard work and the will to succeed. Students must earn the right to receive their publicly funded education. Upon completion of a two-year college program and armed with an associate degree, a student can reasonably expect to enter a major university at a later date, if all scholastic and financial requirements are met.

HOPE-funded students will initially enter a two-year college that offers core courses that are acceptable and transferable to all major universities in Georgia.

After a student satisfactorily completes the two-year college program, the student then may apply for HOPE funding and admission to any university in Georgia.

I believe these modest changes to the HOPE system will prevent grade inflation, adequately prepare a student for college life, and will almost certainly assure acceptance into the University of Georgia or any other major university in Georgia.

The point of going to college is to graduate; colleges have neither the time nor resources to provide remedial training to marginally prepared students.

Floyd Brown, Evans, Ga.


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