Originally created 12/14/03

The real scandal

When the Academy of Richmond County girls' basketball team showed up with lettering on the backs of their shorts this past week, it sure got attention.

Several school board members thought it was a scandal.

We don't.

Certainly, we think it's an unfortunate style statement. But we're not concerned with that.

What we're concerned with is the non-uniform way in which the school district buys things.

We don't want all the schools' uniforms to look the same, as some school board members would apparently like. That would be dull, dull, dull.

Rather, we simply want the district to consolidate its purchases more, so that, say, baseball caps don't cost $12.74 each at Butler High School and $8.63 each at T.W. Josey High.

We'd ask the school board: Quit worrying about whether it's a scandal for girls to have writing on their behinds, and worry about the scandal of paying such different prices for the same things!


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