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LOCATION: 1430 Marvin Griffin Road, south Richmond County

OWNER: Tyco Healthcare Group, a subsidiary of Tyco International Ltd.

PRODUCT: Sterile bandages, surgical dressing and alcohol preps under brand names including Curity and Kerlix

2003 SALES: $7.8 billion (Tyco Healthcare); $36.8 billion (Tyco International)

LOCAL EMPLOYEES: 600 (approximate)

HISTORY: The Kendall Co. began in 1903, when Henry P. Kendall bought a Massachusetts cotton mill that produced cotton batts, carpet linings and absorbent cotton. Kendall grew rapidly during World War I because of heavy demand for bandages and surgical dressings. It expanded into Canada during the 1920s and continued to grow during the next several decades through acquisitions and new product offerings.

The company built its Augusta bandage plant in 1968. Four years later, the company was acquired by Colgate-Palmolive. In 1988, managers and outside vendors bought the business and turned it into a publicly traded company. Tyco International acquired the business in 1994.

RECENT NEWS: The Augusta plant, which uses ethylene oxide in its production, is in the process of renewing its Title V clean air operating permit with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.


Get to the point

Making a presentation to a potential customer can be an anxiety-ridden experience, even if it is done in an informal setting. As a business owner, you need to have an air of confidence and let the client know you can get the job done.

The Service Corps of Retired Executives, a nonprofit volunteer business-counseling organization, reminds business owners that the first 30 seconds of your presentation usually determine whether you can capture your listeners' attention - so begin the talk with your strongest point.

To find out more about effective sales pitches, call the Augusta SCORE office at 793-9998 from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday to make an appointment.


Give it away now

Got some inventory in storage you can't sell? Donate it to charities or other nonprofit organizations and you can get a federal tax deduction.

The National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources, itself a nonprofit organization, has helped redistribute more than $1.9 billion in products to schools and other organizations since 1977.

To find out more about the gift organization, call (800) 562-0955 or e-mail member@naeir.org.


Ground level

Most people know the reclusive tycoon Howard Hughes was a movie mogul, casino developer and aviation buff, but many don't know his original source of wealth: oil well drill bits.

In 1924, Mr. Hughes inherited his father's Hughes Tool business, which held 73 patents and had a near monopoly on rock bits.

By 1974, the business provided him with an estimated $745 million in pretax profits, which he used to diversify into RKO Pictures, Trans World Airlines and Las Vegas casinos.


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