Originally created 11/30/03

Police bobbleheads lead charity effort

COVINGTON, Ga. - The Boys in Blue have been known as Keystone Kops and much, much worse. Now police officers, at least in Covington, will become bobbleheads.

The Covington Police Department is selling bobble-heads - complete with serious faces, shiny blue police uniforms and, of course, bouncy heads that loom over tiny bodies - of its officers to raise money for its Police Who Care Fund to help needy families.

In a limited run, 1,000 dolls were manufactured by a bob-blehead company.

The bobbleheads are being sold for $10 at the police headquarters, the Covington/New-ton County D.A.R.E. office and a Wal-Mart in Covington, east of Atlanta.

The bobbleheads are supposed to depict all officers, although one officer, D.J. Seals, posed as a model for the manufacturer, said D.A.R.E. officer Lt. Ken Malcom.

"He's kind of excited about it, while at the same time he's embarrassed because of all the grief he's gotten from the other officers," Lt. Malcom said.

In past years, the department has sold toy patrol cars and police trading cards to raise money. Lt. Malcom said he hopes the bobblehead dolls go over just as well.

"We had a lot of success with the Matchbox cars last year, and we wanted to do something different this year," he said. "We looked around the office and saw these bobble-head dolls and wondered what it would be like to sell bobbleheads."

As popular promotions at sporting events, bobbleheads also have been created depicting entertainers, politicians and even biblical figures. Lt. Malcom said the manufacturer the department worked with had never created a bobblehead police officer before.

If sales go well, bobbleheads of a S.W.A.T. officer and a canine officer could be produced in coming years, Lt. Malcom said.


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