Originally created 11/30/03

Students can take out loans

In his Nov. 16 Metro article, "HOPE changes upset students," about how Georgia students feel about HOPE scholarships being reduced, reporter Greg Rickabaugh stated the students were getting $190 for fees plus $150 for books per semester.

All the comments were in regard to what a hardship it was going to be for the students to continue their educations and why using the minimum SAT score as a standard as opposed to the "B" average was unfair.

My thoughts are that it would not take a lot of time working a part-time job to make up for the loss of part of this money. If there is only so much money in the HOPE scholarship fund, the rules have to change.

My two older daughters worked while attending both Augusta State University and the University of Georgia without benefit of HOPE money.

Students may have to take out loans. Welcome to the real world. If you want something badly enough, you go into debt for it or work a little harder.

Perhaps there would be more money in the scholarship fund if there were fewer TV spots about the lottery. It seems that recently there have been a lot of commercials on television. Even if the TV time is free, there is the expense of producing the commercials.

How about vocational schools? Are the students going to have any attendance/grade requirements?

Jerry Knight, Evans, Ga.


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