Originally created 11/30/03

No doubt about when life begins

Many have written here recently about the fact that we should have the right to terminate pregnancies at Planned Parenthood. Others say it is no one's choice but the lady who is pregnant to decide if she will or will not have an abortion.

Others claim it is the law of the land to allow an abortion. Others claim that no one is exactly sure when the "child" is viable and able to live outside the womb. Others claim that no one should stop the legal right of a woman to have an abortion.

As a clergyman, I believe the whole discussion about life and abortion is skewed. Morality and legality are worlds apart on this issue. Christian morality declares that "life" does begin at the moment of conception. Yes! Then and there, God has given life to a child. No doubt about it. This life will not become anything else but a child, a human being, a precious gift of love.

To all Christians who love life, the issue of abortion is abhorrent. It is not a choice. This is a child created by God. This is a life begun at conception. This is a godly individual needing protection from abortion.

I do realize that abortion is lawful in America, but this does not make abortion moral. Morality comes from observing God's holy truths, and one of these holy indisputable truths is the scientific certainty that a human life does in fact begin at conception. Praise the Lord! Miracle of life is present.

Let the idea of life be clear in all minds. If God is the giver of human life, and God is, then we have a moral obligation to preserve, protect and defend this life from attack and destruction by abortion. A moral imperative. I thank all who are believers in this life of God to us in the unborn child, created with divine mystery and glory.

The Rev. Michael Lubinsky, Augusta (Editor's note: The writer is the pastor at Most Holy Trinity.)

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