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Across Georgia

Creek Nation backs highway construction

MACON - Leaders of the Creek Nation have agreed to support construction of a middle Georgia highway as long as it doesn't cross property sacred to the tribe, said Macon Mayor Jack Ellis.

Mr. Ellis met with two chiefs of the Creek Nation on Monday and Tuesday - the first official meeting in at least five years between leaders of Macon and leaders of the tribe.

Mr. Ellis said he promised that the Fall Line Freeway connecting Macon to Augusta and Columbus won't go through sacred lands.

Boxing club to hold its first major event

MACON - A middle Georgia boxing club will play host to its first major boxing event today in Macon.

The Middle Georgia First Annual Amateur Boxing Jamboree, including boxers from throughout the state, will be held at the club, which has about 40 boxers. It will be sanctioned by USA Boxing.

"This is one of my dreams," said co-organizer the Rev. Frank Ray. "To have something for our young peoples, which have never had the opportunity to participate in an event like this."

Health system could face budget shortfall

LAWRENCEVILLE - Gwinnett Health System Inc. might come up $100 million short over the next five years if it follows through with plans for a new hospital, more beds and better technology.

The improvements and costs of uncompensated care are putting financial pressure on the health system, according to financial strategies firm Kaufman Hall, which worked on the forecast.

Next year, the systems expects $35.5 million in indigent care expenses.

Alcohol taxes boost struggling counties

ROSSVILLE -Several Georgia communities have turned to the bottle when faced with tough economic times.

Needing tax money to support local services, county and city governments have allowed more alcohol sales.

In Rossville, near the Tennessee border, the public library is still open because of the taxes collected on beer and wine sales.

"We got a boost in the sense that we still have an open library," said Diana Tope, the director of the Cherokee Regional Library System.

In Murray County, officials decided this month to allow package sales of beer and wine in unicorporated parts of the county that were previously dry.


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