Originally created 11/29/03

Planned Parenthood certainly not in it for the money

Regarding Joyce Morris' Nov. 15 letter, "Pro-choice group encourages abortion."

Planned Parenthood is indeed a non-profit organization that offers non-judgmental pregnancy-options counseling, among other reproductive health and education services.

Planned Parenthood's Augusta counselors never push women toward one option or another. They provide complete information on the possible complications of abortion and delivery, as well as extensive referral information on the adoption process and adoption agencies, good prenatal care, available obstetrical providers, Right from the Start Medicaid and much more necessary information.

Contrary to the claims of many anti-choice individuals, Planned Parenthood is not "in it for the money." Rather, Planned Parenthood is true to its mission of giving women medically accurate information about all their pregnancy options. Planned Parenthood distributes only medical information endorsed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

All of Planned Parenthood's staff in Augusta work here because they believe that women should have the right to choose based on medically accurate information and support from non-judgmental, honest individuals.

We understand that women are facing difficult decisions that should not be made harder by misinformation and the punitive implication that they should feel guilty while trying to do the best thing for themselves and their families at a difficult time in their lives.

Paula Hotard, Augusta (Editor's note: The writer is the public affairs project coordinator for Planned Parenthood of Georgia.)


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