Originally created 11/27/03

President Bush is doing what it takes to make us great

I'm a home-schooled student in my junior year, and I'm currently studying U.S. history. I have learned of the anti-war activists and their counterpart Democrats in Washington who claim the war in Iraq is taking too long and that too many Americans are dying.

I have concluded that these very same people must have failed U.S. history. I say that because it seems they never read how long it took to build this nation into what it is today.

They must have forgotten the countless men who lost their lives fighting to free this nation from England. They must have forgotten that even when the Revolutionary War was over, we were plagued with strife within our boundaries and without.

They must have forgotten that it took almost a decade after the war for us to come up with our own Constitution and begin to stabilize against certain economic and political collapse. They must have forgotten that we just started to become an economically healthy nation and world power in the early- to mid-1900s, nearly 200 years after we declared our freedom.

Yes, Americans are dying in Iraq. But has anyone taken into account how many tens of thousands of soldiers died in the South Pacific fighting against the Japanese? More soldiers died in a single battle at Iwo Jima than all who have died since the war began in Iraq.

I think all the people who are bashing this war should brush off their U.S. history books and take a peek inside. They might be scared to death when they find out President George W. Bush is doing some of the exact same things in Iraq that President George Washington did in America in order to make the United States a prosperous, free and great nation.

Jennifer Seigler, North Augusta, S.C.


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