Originally created 11/26/03

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

SINCE IT'S THANKSGIVING, I'd like to rave. I'm thankful for our brave men and women who are fighting for us around the world and here at home in the military and our emergency services. Thank you for your sacrifices.

HOW CAN WE beat the terrorists? The only way: Become as they are. No uniforms, secrecy, on our terms, no holding back, no pushing our troops to the limits to where they get caught, mix in with the crowd, wear their type of clothing, good intelligence, and don't let the darn media know anything. That's the only way we can do it.

TO TEACHERS: Please do not blatantly show favoritism to students just because their parents try to bribe you by bringing you lunches or living in the classrooms. Some parents have to work. Students may not know what's going on, but we do. The events that take place in the class, by what they tell us, we know it's another form of politics.

WHAT'S THE MATTER? They let a person with three DUIs in nine months, who had an accident and caused $6,000 worth of damage, get off with 15 days in jail and five years' probation. We have the most sorry judicial system in Georgia. Drunken drivers are worse than people driving with a weapon. I know. I used to drink. I'm an alcoholic. I've been sober since 1984.

CONCERNING THE RANTS and Raves about North Augusta city employees taking the flags down on Veterans Day: Please be assured that those employees were only following the orders, otherwise they would not have been removing the flags.

A HOLIDAY RAVE for Sacred Heart Cultural Center: Their holiday open house is an Augusta asset. The opportunities to attend holiday demonstrations, meet local and nationally known authors, and shop in their beautiful gift shops were surpassed only by the hospitality and helpfulness of their warm staff and volunteers. I appreciate the opportunity and thanks again.

TO THE PERSON ranting about 5 p.m. mail delivery: There are soldiers being killed in Iraq, the economy is in a mess, and people are losing their jobs. And you're fussing about late mail delivery? I think you should count your blessings.


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