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Teens have many things for which they are grateful

We know the stereotype: Teens are ungrateful and narrow-minded and lack perspective.

Those perceptions don't necessarily mirror reality, though, according to Eric Hauff, 17, a junior at Lakeside High School.

"I believe teenagers are very thankful," Eric said. "People express their feelings differently these days.

"A lot of teens are just not open" with sharing their feelings, he said.

Those feelings still exist, however.

"Instead of saying, 'I'm thankful for this, I'm thankful for that,' they say it in actions, not in words," Eric said. "Sometimes, they say it indirectly, by spending time with family or friends. It's almost an implied 'I'm thankful for ... "'

Amanda Aragon, 18, a freshman at Augusta State University, said it is easy to misinterpret teens' feelings.

"We don't thank as much as we ask," she said.

Though it isn't a rarity that teens take things for granted, Amanda said the idea that teens are overly materialistic isn't always true.

"In actuality, teens are thankful for roofs over our head, for the opportunities we get, our freedom," Ms. Aragon said.

To help break the ice and set the record straight in time for Thanksgiving, Xtreme has asked area teens, "What are you thankful for?" and found that there is plenty of gratitude.

From family to friends, music and more, teens are thankful this season:

  • "For being as fortunate as I am and having as many friends and family as I do" - Krystal Webber, 16, Evans High School junior
  • "I'm grateful for being able to wake up the next morning." - Eric Parton, 17, Greenbrier High School senior
  • "I'm grateful for rock 'n' roll and Jimi Hendrix." - Frank Johnson, 16, John S. Davidson Fine Arts School sophomore
  • "I am thankful for all of my friends at Burke County High School that have been there for me through the hard times and good times." - Brittany Watkins, a sophomore at Burke County High
  • "I'm really thankful for my family. We've really been blessed throughout the years. They give me support, motivate me and are there for me when I need them." - Eric Hauff, 17, Lakeside High School junior
  • "Salvation, music, loved ones, Internet." - Joey Wilbourne, 15, Davidson Fine Arts School sophomore
  • "I'm thankful for great musicians." - Bobby McGranahan, 16, Westminster Preparatory Day Schools sophomore
  • "I'm grateful for my family because they love me and support me all the way. I'm grateful to God for giving me a wonderful family." - Julie Takahashi, 15, Greenbrier High School sophomore
  • "Caitlyn Crees, God, awesome family and friends, church, food, softball, the ones who love me for me." - April Schofield, 15, Davidson Fine Arts School sophomore
  • "Unfortunate situations that I've learned and grown from and having the strength to become better because of it." - Shannon Kelley, 16, Greenbrier High School junior
  • "I am thankful for my grandmother because I almost lost her a couple of weeks ago." - Charcoise Gillette, a junior, Burke County High School
  • "Family, friends, a car, being able to drive, no sleep ... yeah, definitely no sleep, and Jesus" - Katherine Douglas, 16, Greenbrier High School junior
  • "I'm thankful for being alive and well, and living with a caring family." - Nichole Schneider, 18, Evans High School senior
  • "April Schofield, family, friends, Jim Bob, loved ones, food." - Caitlyn Crees, 15, Davidson Fine Arts School sophomore
  • "I'm grateful for the simple, everyday pleasures of life. The things that most other people overlook." - Rachel Langley, 16, Greenbrier High School sophomore.
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