Originally created 11/25/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT for those who participate in any way in cockfighting. It's a pretty cowardly person to do something like this, and you deserve much more than a fine.

AUGUSTA COMMISSIONERS should explore buying and renovating existing properties on Broad Street before building a new $74 million courthouse at the corner of Ninth and Walker streets. One major vacant building is the J.C. Penney building on the 700 block of Broad Street. It is used. It has five stories. It would have to have major renovations, but it would help redevelop downtown. There is also a two-level parking deck behind the building that could be used for employee and court parking.

TO THE PERSON who complained about the advice column on Saturday mornings by the Jewish rabbi and the Catholic priest. Your complaint was that since this area is the home of the Baptist Convention and since the majority of the population was Baptist, you don't want the opinions of any other religions to overshadow yours. Religion is a continuous learning experience, full of fascinating facts and information no matter what religion you seek. But since you already know everything there is to know, this will just refresh your memory ... The Jews were here thousands of years before the Christians, the Catholics wrote your Bible and Jesus was a rabbi.

I WAS READING the paper today and was very glad to see that 120 people were (ticketed) for cockfighting. People that fight birds and dogs are the worst kind of scum. It shouldn't be a misdemeanor; it should be a full felony. These people are killing God's animals. They don't care that some beautiful animal is torn to pieces for their own gratification. That's the real definition of a scum bag.

WHY SHOULD ANYBODY give the commissioners a dollar when they want to build a courthouse on contaminated dirt that has a railroad track and a canal going in it? If you give these people money, they'll just do stupid stuff with it.

THE RECENT LOCATION picked by the Augusta commissioners makes no sense at all for a new courthouse. It is an indication of their stupidity and how they make decisions and have been making decisions for the past several years. The courthouse site needs to be removed.


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