Originally created 11/25/03

U.S. has priorities backward in Mideast

Our president, with the consent of Congress, is spending billions and billions of American taxpayer dollars in support of Israel's military and civilian occupation of Palestinian lands.

The Palestinians do not have the military might to face the United States' creation and support of Israel's military. The Palestinians are using and must continue to use available resources, i.e., suicide bombings.

Our president is the commander in chief of our military. Yasser Arafat, the elected head of the Palestine Liberation Organization, is also the commander in chief of his military. Our president, together with the murdering Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, will not negotiate with the elected head of the PLO. Why?

The United Nations has sanctioned Israel more than 75 times for its violations against Palestine.

At the time of Israel's creation of a nation, President Harry S. Truman turned the tables on the creation of a Palestinian nation. Since that time, Israel has started six wars against the Palestinian people (the military hardware of Israel's military was supplied by President Truman and all of the presidents since that time).

Our president promised $10 billion to Israel the day he invaded Iraq. Our president and our Congress have their priorities backward.

Malaysian Prime Minister Manathir Mohammad stated Jews rule the world by proxy. They certainly rule the federal government of the United States by proxy.

Our president's war on terrorism should be directed at Ariel Sharon and his cabinet. He should admit that the terrorist activities throughout the world are directly attributed to the United States' unconditional military and economic support of Israel.

For possible peace in the world, the Jewish state of Israel must be destroyed.

Harry Sellers, Hephzibah, Ga.


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