Originally created 11/24/03

Five questions


Well-known Augusta businesswoman and wife of Mayor Bob Young.

1. What's the first thing you give Bob when he walks in after a long day on the commission floor?

A question: How did it go?

2. If you were mayor for a day, what would you tell the commissioners?

When you are in a meeting, each commissioner will be expected to observe a strict time limit for speaking, which I will set.

3. What was your last argument about?

His bad moods. That's what we always fight about.

4. What do you and Bob do to relax?

Go out of town.

5. If you chose to hold a political office, what would it be?

I would probably want to be the governor. I would not want to be in an office like mayor and constantly be having to address every little issue. I would like to have a big staff.

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