Originally created 11/24/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

AFTER WATCHING the Carolina-Clemson game, I just have one comment: The chicken curse has returned.

THIS IS A RAVE for the members of Hillcrest Baptist Church and the Alleluia Community for banding together against that so-called adult bookstore. Hopefully, they will now join forces against the pornography being churned out by the Abercrombie & Fitch retail chain.

PLEASE TELL ALL those holy rollers to leave Video X-Mart alone and mind their own business.

I'M JUST READING this Saturday's Rants & Raves column, someone complaining about the God Squad column. It just shows what an ignoramus that person is. I'm Protestant. That's my favorite column. Like he said, they answer with knowledge, compassion, experience and general spiritual guidance that applies to everyone across the board. They're wonderful, and I hope you don't ever let some of these bigots dissuade you from running this column. It's great.

IN THE AREA of Cross Creek High, I think part of the problem is unfair reporting by certain news organizations here in Augusta. I thought the news was supposed to be fair and unbiased. Clearly that is not the case when it comes to Cross Creek and certain news organizations here in Augusta.

THIS IS A RANT about the article for the program that teaches young people not to smoke. I agree they should be taught not to smoke, but for seventh-graders to be calling smokers irresponsible and weak-minded idiots is ridiculous. Haven't teachers heard of diversity? I think she is a weak-minded idiot. But let's do teach them not to smoke.

PRESIDENT BUSH SAID in his news conference in London that the God that Christians worship and the God that Muslims worship are the same God. That is not true. Christians worship the one true God and Muslims worship Allah, a false god. President Bush cannot be a Christian and believe that these two Gods are the same. Thank you.


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