Originally created 11/24/03

Is 'good ol' boy' system at play in government?

Human Resources Director Brenda Byrd-Pelaez did well in presenting her case during the appeal hearing before the Augusta commissioners. The disciplinary action was overturned. Where does Ms. Byrd-Pelaez go from here? Will she be able to mend her relationships with upper administration? Certainly, we hope that will happen.

One cannot help but wonder, however, if she were a male executive if this disciplinary action would have taken place. Would there have been more communication? Would the "good ol' boy" system play into the situation and no importance attached to events leading to the action?

Communication, or the lack thereof, played a large part in this whole fiasco. Vanessa Flournoy, city staff attorney, did little to present upper administration as being progressive or pro-active.

Based on her comparison of the disciplinary action as a spanking, I would venture to say her view of employees as children and administration as parents was most inappropriate and smacks of what has been called, for a lack of a better description, "plantation management," which has no place in city-county government.

Ruth H. Morris, Augusta


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