Originally created 10/13/03

Deal with telemarketers; don't ask government to

This is in response to the rants and letters I have been reading in support of the do-not-call list. It seems to me that whenever Americans suffer some small irritation in their lives, they want the government to step in and create legislation to deal with it. Yes, we have a right to privacy, but are we not responsible for making our lives private? We keep the door closed and the curtains drawn, so why not turn on those expensive answering machines that we all own and screen those calls that we don't care to receive?

Doesn't the government have more important issues to deal with - like our failing education system, billions of dollars in debts created by a useless war, racism, unemployment, poverty, etc.? Has it occurred to anyone that this do-not-call law will put millions of people out of work - people who are perhaps the victims of our failing education system, who are forced into a job of being cursed, hung up on and verbally abused for not meeting an impossible quota for eight hours a day?

I can't imagine any person choosing this as a career path. We don't need another family on welfare, or one more homeless person living under a bridge. We are unhappy about our tax dollars going to support jobless Americans, yet we are all too eager to create a bigger problem because of our inability to deal with this petty issue.

It's time we accept some responsibility in our lives by simply saying "no" when a telemarketer calls, or by not answering the phone at all. Let's be intelligent, thinking, responsible Americans and deal with this problem without asking the government to control yet another area of our lives by adopting one more ridiculous law that will cost the taxpayers even more to enforce.

Wendy Barker, Martinez, Ga.


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