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Power ranking of pro teams

Every week during the NFL season, The Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock will break down the rankings of all 32 NFL teams and why they're ranked where they are.


1./Indianapolis Colts/1

Their reward for beating the Bucs? Undefeated Carolina

2./Kansas City Chiefs/2

Don't kick it to Dante Hall!

3./Minnesota Vikings/7

Flattened Atlanta after a shaky first half

4./Miami Dolphins/5

Impressive road win against the Giants

5./Carolina Panthers/6

Stephen Davis is putting up MVP numbers

6./Tampa Bay Buccaneers/4

Their defense is banged up and not as deep as it was

7./Denver Broncos/3

One punt return away from being undefeated

8./Buffalo Bills/13

When Travis Henry is healthy they win

9./Seattle Seahawks/8

That defense is better than the one that showed up in Green Bay

10./Dallas Cowboys/16

Not a top 10 team, but they deserve the recognition

11./Philadelphia Eagles/15

Starting to get healthy on defense finally

12./Tennessee Titans/9

Let one get away against New England

13./St. Louis Rams/14

Picked up ground on Seattle without playing a down

14./New England Patriots/18

Kept head above water with big win against Tennessee

15./Green Bay Packers/20

Defense showed something against explosive Seattle

16./N.Y. Giants/11

Tiki Barber has only one rushing touchdown

17./Washington Redskins/10

Late heroics couldn't save them this time

18./Baltimore Ravens/17

Defense should get chance to flex muscle against Arizona

19./Cleveland Browns/27

Tim Couch showed he should've been starter all along

20./Pittsburgh Steelers/12

Embarrassing defeat at home to rival Cleveland

21./San Francisco 49ers/21

Will winning cover up their problems?

22./Oakland Raiders/19

Father Time seems to have caught up with them

23./Cincinnati Bengals/23

They've been close in every game

24./Houston Texans/24

Battle of the former Oilers

25./Atlanta Falcons/22

They'd be higher on the list if they remembered a game is 60 minutes and not 30

26./New Orleans Saints/26

Their once strong defense is struggling mightily

27./Jacksonville Jaguars/30

Congratulation on the win, now try it against Miami

28./Chicago Bears/32

They might have Paul Edinger day after his game-winner

29./Detroit Lions/25

Losing Charles Rogers for a month really hurts

30./Arizona Cardinals/31

At least they're not winless

31./N.Y. Jets/29

Things can't get much worse

32./San Diego Chargers/28

David Boston shows up and they still lose


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