Originally created 10/12/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

A RANT TO Rush Limbaugh. There's not but for one phrase for you, big fat hypocrite.

THIS IS A RANT for those early morning walkers and joggers in residential neighborhoods whose chattering awakens those who are trying to sleep.

THIS IS A RANT from yet another waitress in South Carolina. I have been a waitress for about 10 years and still don't understand why some people come into a restaurant looking for a bad experience. I can say hello as soon as you walk in, get you something to drink and eat with a smile and good attitude all the while you complain and run me to death. And to top it off, no tip. We remember the stiffs. Have a good day, and come back to see us.

THIS IS TO ALL the parents that the board is ignoring about this uniform problem. Let's get together and stop joining PTA and all of the other programs that they need the parents' help in. Support only your child - not the school. If we can't have a say about what our children can wear, we don't need to give our support to the school.

THIS IS A RAVE and heartfelt thanks to the man driving the white pickup who saw the golf cart I was using to pick up my mail on White Oak Road was stuck in the gummy, red clay. He helped me to drive it out without injury to me, the cart or to him. Many thanks, and God bless.

THIS IS A RAVE for The Augusta Chronicle for finally running an article pertaining to the credit system and the credit score. The credit system in this country really, really needs a lot of work. It's just unbelievable to me that this country bases so much on your credit score and yet the three sources from which the credit score is attained can't even provide you with the correct information. Raves to you for finally writing a story about it, but rants again to the credit system in our country and the three companies from which our credit scores are obtained.

Comments from readers:

I LIVE IN SOUTH AUGUSTA, and I would just like to say to all those parents in Columbia County who are so concerned (about the gangs) - your true colors are showing.

THIS RANT IS for Childcare Network on Lumpkin Road. When parents arrive to school at 8 a.m. on the dot, they should not be turned away because teachers have set their clocks five minutes fast on purpose.

I AM A SUCCESSFUL local artist selling a unique, handmade product worldwide. A decade ago, trying to obtain a booth at the arts festival, organizers would not return my calls for two weeks. Finally the receptionist said, "sorry, but booths are for REAL artists." Let's change the name to the "Itinerant Craft Salespeople's Expo" and at least be honest about it.

THIS IS A RAVE for the Data Processing Department for the Richmond County Board of Education. How they do so much with so few in their department is a miracle! If it were not for the elite professionals who work there and meet the responsibilities set forth by the Department of Education, our school system would have to shut down. Credit needs to be put where credit is due.

A HUGE RANT for Augusta State University! Please join the 21st century and offer distance learning. We are NOT your typical 18- to 21-year-old students anymore.

THIS IS A RANT for all the parents who are protesting the uniform policy in the Richmond County school system. With Georgia schools being ranked the lowest in the nation, you would think they would have more to worry about beside whether or not their teenager can wear Tommy Hilfiger jeans to school.

THIS IS A RANT to all the people who hate the telemarketers. The no-call list will put people out of work. I think they're annoying, so I hang up. Not everyone has a good job, nor have they made the correct decisions about their career track. Being a telemar-keter does pay the bills. Think of the people who hold those jobs; exactly what kind of job are they going to get now?


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