Originally created 10/12/03

The courage of cowards

Joaquin Godoy lauded Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass. and Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., for their great courage in his letter on Oct. 6, "Kennedy's claim about Iraq war is absolutely correct." I totally agree.

Few there are who would have the courage to walk away from a drowning woman (not his wife) whom he had just driven into the water, then wait until it was too late for someone else to save her and lie about what had happened. His courage is exceeded only by his superior morals and his great respect for women. If you have not read Day's of Wine, Women and Wrong, you should.

Consider how much courage it took for the great Sen. Byrd to proclaim: "There is no question that President Clinton is guilty of perjury. There is no question that he is guilty of obstruction of justice. There is no question that both rise to the level of impeachment, but I'm not going to vote for it." It really took courage when you remember the oath he took to uphold the Constitution, and he swore to do justice in the Senate hearing.

Oh, for the courage of these two wonderful men.

Robert Dunaway, Augusta


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