Originally created 10/12/03

George W. Bush is America's best hope

Anne Cook's letter of Sept. 24, "Bush more interested in Iraq than U.S.," is just another personal attack on President George W. Bush - even reaching back to his father, George H.W. Bush.

She conveniently overlooks a few facts: Mr. Bush the elder had one four-year term; Mr. Clinton had eight years as president; George W. Bush, in office about 30 months, has been a little busy fighting "World War III."

So, why doesn't Mrs. Cook blame Bill Clinton for some of America's problems? After all, Mr. Clinton was in office longer than both Bush presidents combined. It's just another free pass given to a Democratic liberal who endorses her narrow views.

Not one of these so-called presidential pretenders can carry the South. Georgia is represented by outstanding Democratic leaders such as U.S. Sen. Zell Miller and U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall who place country above petty politics. These are Democrats who, in the past, really represented the South's and America's best interests.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has been taken over by leftist liberals with their own political agenda. The media and the Democrats need to take a hard and honest look at Bill Clinton to understand that the first attack of World War III occurred in 1993 when the World Trade Center was blown up but not brought down. Mr. Clinton was in New York and didn't even go to the WTC to see the damage firsthand, although he was at a fund-raising event just a few miles away.

Attacks on the USS Cole, the Saudi barracks and two U.S. embassies also happened on Mr. Clinton's watch. I guess he was too busy selling America's most sensitive technology to China, pardoning scam artists and terrorists, and renting out the White House to "left coast" Hollywood folks to notice that America was being viciously attacked.

At this time in history, President George W. Bush is America's best hope in our war on terrorism. Intelligence is often fragmentary, and it certainly is not an exact science. I believe President Bush has acted only with America's best interest at heart.

One simply cannot permit America's fate to hinge on Saddam Hussein's word. After all, Saddam has used weapons of mass destruction against his enemies in the past and has a track record of continuing to develop WMDs after the 1991 Gulf War in violation of numerous United Nation's resolutions. We also cannot put the fate of America in U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's hands. Who would come to rescue us?

Floyd Brown, Evans, Ga.


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