Originally created 10/12/03

'Chronicle' being used by 'Democratic operatives'

I am a new subscriber to The Chronicle and cannot understand why the Opinion page is being used by apparent Democratic operatives to blast the president on everything.

I say "Democratic operatives" because it seems to me that the letter-writers are just repeating what Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Sens. Tom Daschle, D-S.D., and Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., are telling them to say.

The letters I am referring to are, "Four more years of Bush unthinkable," written by Victor Reilly on Sept. 26, and "Clinton would've been crucified if he made Bush's mistakes," written by Nathan Kirby on Sept. 27.

I was going to respond to the letters myself, then I saw that Jeff Burke ("Offers some answers to writer's 'vexing questions'," on Sept. 26) and Sherry Hutto ("G.W. Bush deserves to be re-elected," on Sept. 27) had refuted all of the reasons that Messrs. Reilly and Kirby used for their criticisms better than I could have.

Americans are smarter than the Democrats give them credit for. But I do have one suggestion for Messrs. Reilly, Kirby and other Democrats for their next letters to the editor. They should include the line "the sky is falling." That should put things in perspective.

Jim Black, Evans, Ga.


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