Originally created 09/30/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

I AM AN EMPLOYEE who works at Medical College of Georgia Hospital. I work at the neo-natal intensive care unit. I am a nurse that's been working there for 11 years. I just want to give a rave to the staff, my co-workers in the unit for just being an inspiration to me in my life. They're the best crew, and it's the best place you could ever work.

THIS IS TO the Carolina and Clemson fans who talked about Georgia's No. 7 ranking. Do you remember what the total score was? It was Georgia, 61, Carolina and Clemson, 7.

INTERESTING TO ME that University Hospital has a women's breast cancer center. They're now offering a University women's heart advantage outreach initiative, but they've closed down their psychiatric unit, but depression causes many, or can be a factor in many, physical illnesses. Tell me what's wrong with this picture. Is it totally procedural things they want to do, or do they want to do preventive medicine?

THIS IS FOR the Richmond County teacher that said that it's the parents' fault that kids can't read and write. The parents play a small role in that part, but it is also the teachers' fault because y'all pass the kids just to get rid of them. That is from elementary to middle school. Then when they get to high school, those kids don't know anything. No one should have passed those kids in the first place.

A BIG RANT to the Social Security Office in Augusta. I called three times on Sept. 23 to speak to a representative. After three times of listening to a recording of "all representatives are busy" for an hour and 18 minutes, I was disconnected three times while transferring the call from recording to representative.

I'D LIKE TO SAY that it would be a good idea to put a microchip under soldiers' skin, so if they're captured, they can be found, or if they're shot, they can be found.

TO THE PERSON who complained about speed traps on the 13th Street bridge coming into North Augusta: If you can't abide by the laws and rules over in North Augusta, stay in Georgia. People from North Augusta got tickets also and are still getting tickets. ... Our public safety department should ticket anyone caught speeding in North Augusta. We like a safe city and people who abide by the law. Slow down and enjoy the beauty in North Augusta.

THIS IS A RANT for those who complain about getting caught speeding. You poor thing, you got a speeding ticket. Well, you can eliminate speed traps. Simply don't speed. There is no place in the CSRA you can't get to on time by leaving five minutes earlier. How many times have you had a car fly past you before you catch up to them at the next light? I've been in Augusta for 28 years. I had one speeding ticket that I justly deserved.

THIS IS A RAVE for those caught speeding. Your fine helps keep my property taxes down.

I AM VERY HAPPY that the Richmond County Board of Education is requiring all of the children in the school system to wear uniforms. I have lived in places where a lot of children that have worn name-brand clothes have been killed. ... I was very happy to know that they were wearing uniforms, because I don't have to worry about my children or about buying other clothes.

A BIG RAVE for the "Peach Man" at his stand on the corner of Furys Ferry Road and North Belair Road. His service is always with a smile, even in the rain, and the peaches are delicious.


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