Originally created 09/29/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

HILLARY CLINTON IS no "dumb blonde." She's a crafty politician who is determined to impose a socialist state on America - with her in charge, of course. To underestimate her is as dangerous to freedom as ignoring the Taliban.

CAR DEALERS, DON'T put honking horns in your radio ads. The sounds are confusing, distracting and downright dangerous in high-traffic areas.

THIS IS TO the manager on Washington Road: I just want to tell you thank you for being nice. The customer made three mistakes when I came through the long line. You were very nice, and I was rude, and I wanted to say that I was sorry.

THIS IS A RANT for those people who call cheerleaders athletes. How hard is it to scream silly rhymes at a crowd for two hours? You say that you are there to motivate the crowd, but generally speaking, a football team wins or loses according to its ability. The team does not win because the cheerleaders bounced around or passed out candy.

I DON'T KNOW where the teacher who ranted about absences works, but I work at a Richmond County school, and the secretary records absences and the reasons. Teachers don't need to be asked for the reason. All absences are not excused, nor is the work always made up.

PARENTS, GET REAL. This is a process of creating and instilling discipline. Now, what type example are you setting when you cannot, or will not, comply with a very simple request to wear a particular garment to school? Get upset with your kids and failing, not with the school on what to wear.

I FAIL TO UNDERSTAND how, as Americans, when we visit other countries, we must abide and respect other countries' religious beliefs. Yet, on the flip side, people can come in our country and have us change the way we are able to believe and represent our faith. If they don't like the way things are in America, they need to get out and take the ACLU with them.

I JUST READ in The Chronicle that the chief executive officer of DeKalb County needs five police officers to protect him. Why don't you just get rid of the five officers and bring in the 82nd Airborne? How ridiculous can one man be? It's incredible.


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