Originally created 09/29/03

Stone age

On a technicality, after much world pressure - and only in one case - Nigeria has temporarily escaped the Stone Age by sparing Amina Lawal.

The truth is, conservative Muslims there and likely elsewhere still believe the illiterate single mother should be stoned to death for having had sex outside of marriage.

Yes, it's a relief that an Islamic court in Nigeria spared her a barbaric execution due to procedural errors. But should such lives hang on courtroom technicalities?

What happens to women when the world isn't looking? And how much longer will so many of the world's women be kept like objects - all the while under constant threat of fates worse than most of us would wish on rabid animals?

Was this an immaculate conception, or was a man involved? How is it that a woman in such societies can be treated as a subservient beast, yet receive the entire blame when a man impregnates her? Can you tell that men have been writing the rules?


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