Originally created 09/27/03

Affleck buys pickup from Georgia lot

HINESVILLE, Ga. - Hollywood megacouple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez popped up yet again in southeast Georgia this week, dropping by an auto dealership in Liberty County to purchase a pickup.

It was just another routine inquiry, thought Greg Stanley, of Liberty Chrysler Dodge in Hinesville, when he took the call from someone who identified himself simply as "Ben."

"I'm looking for a loaded Dodge Ram off-road, four-wheel drive pickup truck. Do you have any on the lot?" Ben asked.

"As a matter of fact I have one on the lot," Mr. Stanley replied. "Could I get your full name so I could hold it for you if you want to come in and look at it?"

"Ben Affleck," came the response.

In the back of Mr. Stanley's mind at that moment was, "Sure, and my name is George Bush."

Mr. Stanley still had his doubts until a black Range Rover pulled into the parking lot, followed by a small army of photographers. Mr. Stanley, standing in the show room at the time, went out to greet Mr. Affleck. He was shocked to see he had Ms. Lopez with him.

"I was double-surprised when I saw her," Mr. Stanley said. "I thought to myself: Both of them. Wow."

After taking 20 minutes to explain the vehicle and letting the couple take a short test drive on the lot, the group retreated to the sales office.

Mr. Stanley would not go into detail concerning the negotiations.

All he would say is there was very little haggling for the vehicle, which normally has a $37,000 sticker price.

At one point, Mr. Affleck turned to Ms. Lopez and asked her whether she liked the color of the truck - black - and the options. She said she did.

Once Mr. Affleck signed the paperwork, the couple left the dealership, holding hands, and headed back to their vacation home on Hampton Island, 30 miles south of Savannah.

The movie star couple, known as "Bennifer," first caused a media frenzy Monday when they went to the Liberty County Probate Office so Mr. Affleck could get a gun permit for hunting. Some had speculated they were applying for a wedding license, but county clerks said no such paperwork was issued.


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