Originally created 09/27/03

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

I CAN'T UNDERSTAND why so many people are talking about this uniform policy. Instead of focusing on that, I think the more important thing would be how our kids are faring in our school system. Instead of ranting and raving about the uniforms, maybe someone should start focusing on the fact our kids are failing.

THANK YOU, state of Georgia, for all the nice layoffs. You have people working for the state who, when they do show up to work, they don't do anything, and when they don't feel like working, they use up all their sick days. You also have welfare fraud, Social Security fraud and disability fraud. That is where all the cutbacks should have come from.

MARCIE WILHELMI will probably find a way to get rid of all the aviation commissioners so she will be 100 percent in charge with her picture in the paper all the time.

I'M A SINGLE parent of two children and live paycheck to paycheck, and it ticks me off when someone tells me how to dress my child, or if my children are not in uniform, they get in trouble.

OBVIOUSLY, SOMEBODY at The Augusta Chronicle wants to make the Richmond County Board of Education look bad. Two knuckleheads decided to beat up a 16-year-old, which is bad enough. This incident was in the paper, and the persons responsible made it a point to put in the paper that the two knuckleheads were students from Cross Creek High School, which is unnecessary. It is sad that the young man was beat up ... but we do not need to know that they are Cross Creek High students.

EVERYDAY I SEE neglectful and irresponsible parents who do no buckle their children in. These children even sometimes ride in the front seat, are bouncing around in the back seat or are sticking their heads out the window. How can you not care you are putting your children at risk? Buckle them up and use a car seat or booster seat. It doesn't matter what education or economic background you come from. Be a responsible parent!

THIS IS A RANT for Augusta State University. Everyone has to pay $10 to park on campus, but the parking spaces are not sufficient for the number of students. In October, another lot will be closed. Where do you expect students to park? Why not offer shuttle service from the sports complex or the Augusta Mall?


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