Originally created 09/27/03

Clinton would've been crucified for making mistakes Bush has

I remember President George W. Bush telling the United States and the world that we would move into Iraq, depose Saddam Hussein, and right all the wrongs there - at a time and place of our choosing. Well six months later, it seems the tables have turned: Saddam is in hiding; has formed a seemingly effective guerrilla fighting force; is measuring our troops and taking them out little by little at times and places of his own choosing.

Indicating that things are indeed that bad in Iraq, France and Germany are actually going to respond to Mr. Bush's latest request for help by sending people to help train the Iraqi security and police forces.

Why do we need France's and Germany's help stabilizing Iraq? Was I alone in a room with 1,000 televisions, their screens all filled with Mr. Bush's and Rush Limbaugh's faces, yelling that we didn't need help from anyone?

It seems that Mr. Bush has made a ton of mistakes that former President Bill Clinton never would have been allowed to make. I think Mr. Clinton would have been hauled before the Republican-controlled Senate - at another impeachment hearing - for misleading America on weapons of mass destruction.

Actually, I wonder if Mr. Clinton were president right now, would the Republican-controlled Congress have, ironically, fought successfully against him ever going into Iraq in the first place?

In the Senate, the bill to give Mr. Bush the power to go into Iraq was passed 93-7; only seven Democrats opposed it on paper, or something like that. I bet if Mr. Clinton was still in office, it would have been something like 51-49 - against going to war.

What to think about U.S. politics - tsk, tsk, tsk...

Nathan Kirby, Augusta


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