Originally created 09/26/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

I WANT TO thank a young lad for opening the door for me at the Augusta Village 12 Theatre on Sunday, Sept. 21. I am in a wheelchair and this guy left the line with his mom to perform such a wonderful deed. It isn't often that such good deeds are done by young people without an adult coaxing them. So, thank you, young man. You made my day!

I READ IN the City Ink column about the commissioners snacking and eating their way through our tax dollars with catered lunches and drinks. They have again proved they are all incapable of handling taxes entrusted to them. Also our "overpriced" deputy administrator who caters to their whims should be fired and his salary put back into city coffers.

TO ALL THE Georgia Bulldog fans who were unhappy with their No. 7 ranking. Your wish to have a new ranking will soon be granted. You were one of the best teams in the nation ... 23 years ago.

THIS IS IN response to the person who wrote in Sunday's paper about the Board of Education's furnishing free breakfast and lunch in public school and Saturday school. No, I agree. It's not the board's responsibility to buy uniforms. But I wanted to let you know that lunch is not free in public school, at least not at Jamestown Elementary, where my sons attend. I pay full price for both of my children's lunch every week. To top it all off, Jamestown doesn't hold a Saturday school. I was not aware that Saturday school was offered in Augusta.

THIS IS A rant for Augusta State University. Everyone has to pay $10 to park on campus, but the parking spaces are not sufficient for the number of students. In October, another lot will be closed. Where do you expect students to park? Why not offer shuttle service from the sports complex or the Augusta Mall?

THIS IS A rant to the people and the media. Every year when school starts, all we hear is how overworked and underpaid teachers are. But you never bring the fact that nurses have just as many years of education, if not more. We do not get off all summer. We do not get two weeks off at Christmas. We do not get spring break off. Come one, give me a break. We're saving their lives and yours, too.

I AGREE 100 percent that the lack of good parenting is the cause of 99 percent of the problems in our classrooms. Good teachers are suffering from major burnout, trying to teach students skills they should've learned at home.


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