Originally created 09/26/03

Not a healthy trend

The good news is that the California gubernatorial debate Wednesday evening was apparently seen on more televisions around the world than any other appliance.

The bad news is, what all those viewers were treated to was a frightening glimpse of America's future: a slide into socialism.

Only one of the five debaters - state Sen. Tom McClintock - was even willing to admit publicly that illegal immigrants are illegal. Most of the other candidates competed to see who could throw more money and services and state-issued I.D. cards to the illegals.

And, of course, any candidate who wants traction in this race must promise to extract health care, more taxes and perhaps a weekly movie rental out of any greedy, corrupt California entrepreneur who dares do business in the state.

Californians, left to their own devices, will kill the goose that lays Golden State eggs - by loading so much on employers that they can't afford to employ anyone.

This is one California trend we can't afford to emulate.


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