Originally created 09/26/03

Judges gone wild

See the amazing video "Judges gone wild!"

See men and women in black robes get totally drunk on power, and expose the rest of us to frivolous and reckless litigation!

Well, there isn't such a video yet - but there ought to be.

The truth is, judges are going wild in this country - second-guessing every American's every move, thwarting the will of the people, writing law rather than interpreting it, and throwing the Constitution's checks and balances way off balance.

The Framers never intended this - for the judiciary to tell the other two branches when to jump, and how long to stay in the air. But that's what's happening.

A bill can pass through the laborious and deliberative legislative process. It can be scrutinized and either signed or vetoed by the chief executive. The people, in some states, can vote by the millions to approve some initiative. And a judge can throw it all out - can just decide it's a bad idea, a flawed law.

Where do they come off doing this? Most recently, where does this U.S. District Judge Lee R. West of Oklahoma get off trying to overturn Congress and usurp the will of 50 million people who want to be on a telemarketing do-not-call list?

Thankfully, Congress can, and is, acting to mollify the judge, who claimed the Federal Trade Commission was not authorized to put together the federal no-call list. Congress can spell it out for Judge West. But challenges to the law will continue, and some addle-brained jurist will play dictator for a day and recast the country in his or her own image.

When is this going to stop? When will we take back our representative democracy from the judge-ocracy that's seized power?


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